Is junk cluttering up your life and home?...

Is your garage overflowing with so much junk that you cant even park your car inside? Is your basement so full of "stuff" that you can barely get down there without doing a little dance and side shuffle? How about your conference room? Are you running out of room and have  boxes piled up in the corner? It's time to take back your space and breathe free again!  Your Denver based Junk Nation is here to take some stress of your shoulders!

What can we remove and haul away?

Appliance Removal: refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, furnaces, AC units, freezers, etc.

Yard Waste Removal: tree trimmings branches, fallen leaf's, and shrubs (that are already pulled up), lawn mowers and other lawn equipment, etc.  

Construction waste such as bricks, tiles, lumber, concrete, dirt, gravel, rocks, roofing material (among others) are considered "dense material" and there is an additional charge for the extra weight of these materials.

We even tear down sheds! (Cost varies depending on if shed is empty or full and what the shed is made from).

Trash Removal: Spring Cleaning causing too much excess trash? Do you have one of those big green "bagster's" that costs more than you expected to have hauled away?

Furniture removal for business office's: desks, chairs, filing cabinets, any electronic equipment, cubicles, etc.

Furniture Removal for residential customers: (some examples are : couches, sofas, dining tables, chairs, entertainment centers, bookcases, bed frames,  etc.)

Television & E-Waste Recycling with proper disposal

Clean Out Services: foreclosures, evictions, fly by night tenants. Get that home ready to sell/rent fast! These large jobs can sometimes take multiple days and multiple truckloads to complete. Call now to get a free on site estimate!

Mattress disposal.

Hot Tub Removal: Flat 350.00.

At Junk Nation, you have our word that we will make every effort to donate or recycle as much as possible before the landfill. We pride ourselves on being responsibly  eco-friendly! The last thing we want at Junk Nation is to dump a water heater at the landfill, where it will sit for a hundred years. In fact, anything with metal will get recycled, so all those old appliances will be melted back down and reused. Furniture items like couches, chairs, frames, cabinets, tables all go to donation centers (unless they are heavily damaged).

Television Disposal & Recycling

What to do with that old heavy lead filled CRT television? Virtually every TV has hazardous and toxic components that can be released into the air, ground or on your skin. In fact, recent federal law changes state that you cannot throw that old TV or monitor into the trash anymore, which is now referred to as E-Waste. Some of these TVs are huge and very heavy. That's where Junk Nation comes in, and does all the heavy lifting and proper disposing of E-Waste. You can feel much better knowing you are being earth friendly!


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